Minimally Viable Episode 31: Smriti Tomar, Founder at Stack on the Founding Journey and Creating India’s First Automated Investing App

In today’s episode of Minimally Viable, we talk with Smriti Tomar, Founder of Stack, India’s first automated investing app. She shares how her work at Citibank and investing and trading her own money influenced her journey with Stack. Smriti shares how Stack not only focuses on helping people save for their life goals and invest even the smallest amount of money but also focuses on education. Stack creates webinars and other content to educate the community and this has ultimately been how they increased engagement and new users. We talk about the lack of financial literacy and accessibility in India, especially in rural India. Smriti discusses her goals for Stack to become the Vanguard of India and to educate and help all the people in India manage and invest their money. Smriti discusses Stack’s growth by creating more diversified portfolios, incorporating crypto in portfolios, and providing services to manage all personal finances. We also reflect on our individual founding journeys, the challenges we experienced, and how we continue to grow. Smriti shares about her journey as a 25-year-old female founder and the challenges associated with that. She shares her goals of one day creating a female-focused fund and helping other women entrepreneurs in India.
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