Minimally Viable Episode 30: Thomas Mueller, CEO of Evan GmbH, on the Intersection of the Digital World and Traditional Enterprise World with the Emergence of Web 3.0.

In today’s episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Thomas Mueller, CEO of Evan GmbH. Thomas shares his 20-year tech journey and passion for bringing tech into the real world. He reflects on the start of his tech journey when the internet first came out to where we are now with the emergence of web 3.0. Thomas shares how his experience led him to found the start-up, Evan GmhH with the idea of bringing blockchain and web 3.0 technology into the traditional real economy. We talk extensively about the future intersection of web 3.0 and enterprise and use cases in solving non-digital problems digitally. Thomas shares how the biggest challenge for traditional enterprises to enter the web 3.0 space is collaboration with competitors. We also discuss the challenges and resistance during the transition to DAOs and more decentralized governance. Thomas shares his thoughts on NFTs and the metaverse, where they will be in the future, and how they will influence the growth of web 3.0 and the digital economy. (
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