Minimally Viable Episode 29: Talentdrop Co-Founders Madeleine Nguyen and Janelle Tiulentino on Solving the Age-Old Problem of Recruiting with a Modern Twist.

In today’s episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Madeleine Nguyen and Janelle Tiulentino, Co-founders of Talentdrop. Madeleine and Janelle talk about their backgrounds and journeys in tech, meeting at Snapchat, and creating Talentdrop. They share how they were able to combine Madeleine’s recruiting experience with Janelle's technical capabilities into creating a unique approach to recruiting. Talentdrop is a decentralized form of recruiting in which anyone can refer a candidate and receive a reward if they get hired. They share how they were able to take the ideas of bounties and democratization and apply them to recruiting. We talk about the importance of the hiring process in the founding process of start-ups, how building the right team can impact the success of your company. Madeleine and Janelle share their thoughts on the current hiring landscape and their process in developing a unique approach. We talk about their YC experience and how that accelerated their growth and how they are approaching their continued growth and refining their product’s foundations. We talk about the best growth strategies and the benefits of focusing on the user experience and the importance of talking to users to understand the “why” that can’t be captured in data analytics. They share the importance of maintaining a work-life balance while creating a start-up and building that philosophy into their company’s culture and product. We talk about the market shift and how candidates are focusing more on the culture and work-life balance associated with companies and how they are incorporating this aspect in Talentdrop. (
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