Minimally Viable Episode 27: Nawaz Ahmed, New Zealand Investor and Advisor on His Journey into Tech and the Future of DAOs and Crypto

In today’s episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Nawaz Ahmed, an investor, and advisor from New Zealand. We talk about our shared experience of gaining a science background before switching to business and tech. He shares how he earned his bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences and quickly realized he did not want to be more than just a scientist in his career. He moved towards the business side and earned his master's in that field. Nawaz shares about his early start-up experience of founding Kimera, a subscription box company, during college and what he learned throughout that process, including the challenges of growing and scaling a company. We talk about his introduction to crypto and joining a local crypto exchange to further his knowledge. He talks about his current experience and what he has learned working with various crypto companies on the investing and business side of crypto. We end the podcast talking in-depth about DAOs versus centralized spaces, NFT’s, and the future of crypto.
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