Ali Jamal, Founder of First Check Ventures on His Journey into Investing, LATAM and emerging markets, and early stage investing

In today’s episode, we talk to Ali Jamal, product and growth expert and founder of First Check Ventures. Ali has invested in over 150 companies over the years. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Stanford University. We talk about Ali's journey from investment banking to working with product and growth in tech startups to running his own Angel Syndicate. He is currently working in emerging markets, including leading a couple of unicorns in LatAm. He shares his expertise in product and growth strategies, and the importance of focusing on the user experience as a tool to grow your product. He shares his approaches on first-time user experience, funnels, onboarding, communication, and the importance of experimentation. We talk about his journey into investing and how his approaches and strategies have evolved from investing in friends’ startups to being one of the first LPs on AngelList to investing in emerging markets and building his own Angel Syndicate. We talk about the opportunities available for startups in emerging markets and how to work in that space.
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