Minimally Viable E23 - Russ Heddleston, Founder at DocSend on being a serial entrepreneur, his learnings from multiple successful exits, and fundraising successfully

In today's episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Russ Heddleston, Head of Commercial at DropBox for DocSend. Russ initially co-founded DocSend in 2013 focused on helping sales teams find and share documents that close deals. DocSend was acquired by DropBox in March 2021 for $165M and shares his perspective on the acquisition process. Russ started his journey as a PM Intern at Dropbox in 2010 and already sold his first startup to Facebook in 2011. We talk about his personal journey of becoming an entrepreneur, the story of DocSend, how to raise, investor relations, and the role of an entrepreneur in an early-stage startup
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