Minimally Viable E21 - Mark Thomas, founder and CEO at ZenSports on being a serial entrepreneur, acquiring a comprehensive skillset, and building a blockchain startup

In today's episode of Minimally Viable we talk to Mark Thomas, serial entrepreneur and founder of ZenSports. ZenSports is a mobile sports betting app, in which customers can choose to bet against the house or create their own bets with their own odds and terms (peer-to-peer) and much more. Mark previouslly co-founded Reesio, which was acquired in 2015. As a serial founder, he’s been able to build a holistic skillset around product, marketing & growth, business development, recruiting, and finance. We talk about his personal journey of becoming an entrepreneur and the story of ZenSport, the difficulties of finding PMF, NFTs, crypto, and growth.
2021 Polar App, Inc.